Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prospect Park Angler

Here is what one Prospect Park fisherman has to say about the people we write about:
Anthony, age 46, keeps an eye out for inconsiderate dog owners, and doesn't hesitate to open his mouth when they let their dogs disrupt his fishing.

As a kid I started fishing in salt water, in the Rockaways, off Coney Island, the places everybody goes to now. And then I discovered about four years ago, I was watching some friends of mine, watching them pull out these bass that were about five-pounds, six-pounds, and I said, I gotta get back over here and start fishing again!

This is catch-and-release only here; it's sport fishing. But I can tell you one thing, I saw these Mexican guys grilling them as soon as they catch them; cookin' and eatin' 'em in sandwiches. I couldn't believe my eyes—and they're still alive!

What gets on my nerves, is people with their dogs. First of all, we all have to have licenses to fish here. So we follow the rules, OK? People are supposed to keep their dogs leashed, and, don't get me wrong, I'm a dog lover. But they don't do it! They let their dogs run in the water, where you're fishing, and they think that they're entitled to everything in this world, because the world belongs to them and no one else. I cannot stand that. So I open my mouth, and some other people do, and now the park police are giving them tickets. Which I am so happy about!
That would be great if it were true.

9:40 A.M., Marcia in woods off Sullivan Hill, became hostile when a park worker instructed her to leash her dogs. If the cops are ticketing anyone, it isn't her.

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