Monday, April 6, 2009

Marcia Not Caught!/An Anti-Semitic Anti-Leash Rant; Off-Leash Foreclosure

From a correspondent:
Here are two movies from Saturday, although there were quite a few more offleashers I didn't record. The first, at 7:46 A.M., is the path through the woods along Flatbush Avenue. It is a virtual highway for offleash dogs at any hour. The second, at 10 A.M., is the Lullwater below the Lullwater Bridge, near the Nature Center. The couple had been throwing a ball into the water for their dog when they noticed me with my camera and left.

Also, Marcia Scarnato was seen at approximately 8:20am with her two offleash dogs descending the stairs from Payne Hill to Battle Pass. She saw me and took a path around towards the zoo. As usual, she never leashed her dogs, so it is clear that she has never been fined for her behavior.
Look back at our September 8 post. There we reported an assault by Marcia with her pointed stick, and noted that in June, 2007 she had beaten a woman with a walking stick, both unprovoked assaults for which she has never even been arrested. We noted that after the first assault, Tupper Thomas wrote that "now she is identified and the police know all about her, it will be easier for us to stop her from disobeying the rules", and that in a telephone call made at Commissioner Benepe's request, DOPR General Counsel Allessandro Olivieri said that "procedures were being put in place to catch this woman and give her summonses, multiple if necessary." The second victim was assured by Tupper Thomas that "She has been ticketed but this is beyond our PEP and this is now a Police issue." The second victim was then contacted by a Lieutenant Pirone (sp?), who Ms. Thomas said was the highest ranking police officer in Prospect Park, and who assured the second victim that the police "were looking for her". The cops know her name, her address, what she looks like, and precisely when and where she goes in the park. We;ve now documented that see her with her dogs unleashed and yet apparently do nothing. It's pretty obvious that one or more of Ms. Thomas, Mr. Olivieri, and the good lieutenant are lying.
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From Surreal947:
Of course you would not admit it... just as you won't admit that you are a coward. If Israel had people like you, it would be an arab state by now. When you receive polite, fact based comments in opposition to your diatribes, the coward you are refuses to post them. Go slink back into the corner you crawled out from... you useless piece of shit pretending to be a man (the mohel must have slipped and cut yours entirely off).
We hate wasting bandwidth on this sort of drivel but do so here to make three points:

1. While ordinarily we publish critical comments that are not abusive, we draw the line where the commenter posts on other website abusive comments that we have rejected. Ms. Surreal has done so repeatedly and that is why we no longer publish her comments no matter what they say.

2. We've observed the apparent racism behind the off-leash policy in the parks: it "makes the parks safer", apparently by driving people of color, who tend to fear dogs, from the parks, and therefore by making parks whiter, which equals (by this logic) safer. Racism--white or black--tends to be linked to Jew-hating, and we also think it's no coincidence that another group that tends to fear dogs is Orthodox Jews. So we thank Ms. Surreal for not disappointing our expectations of behavior by off-leash advocates.

3. We've learned that the author of an abusive post about the Juniper Park Civic Association and its members, published on another blog under the name Sureal947 (one "r"), is Terri Sullivan, president of the Juniper Valley Park Dog Association. We don't know if Ms. Sullivan is our Surreal947 as well, but if she isn't she might want to find out who is maligning her good name.

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From down in Tampa Bay:

Robert Wirth Jr. may lose his house — all because of walking his dog in a deed-restricted community without a leash.

What seems like a relatively minor infraction has snowballed into a protracted court battle that he claims has cost him more than $100,000 in legal fees.

"We're running out of time because we're running out of money," said Wirth, 52, who works as a real estate broker.

It all started more than seven years ago because Wirth insisted on walking his black Labrador, Cole, regularly without a leash.
As our friend Datnioides observes, "You would think it would be easier just to put the damn dog on the leash. Dog owner attitude run amuck. WTF?"

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Another bad pit bull story, courtesy of WINS:
Officials in the western Connecticut town of Sherman say a pony has been mauled by pit bulls that escaped from a neighbor's yard.
Again, the problem is not pit bulls but unleashed ones.

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