Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bethesda Dog

From a correspondent.
This was just one incident yesterday morning in Central Park. You'll notice a professional videographer turn his camera from The Lake towards the fountain to film the dog too. This dog is one from the daily morning group on Cherry Hill (near Bow Bridge), the group that surrounded me this winter on the bench when I called to report them to PEP. Not only do the all stay way beyond the 9am limit, they all leave without leashing their dogs, exiting some through the Ramble, some around the Lake (and into it), and, this one, towards the Boat House--dog off leash the entire time, running wherever, into The Lake, into the Fountain, into the foilage. This particular dog owner is under the delusion that she has voice control over her dog. Watch how quickly the dog responds to her repeated calls. Hardly a dog under his owner's control. Clearly a summonsable offense.
Have patience; the dog doesn't appear until the end.

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