Friday, May 8, 2009

Brief Prospect Notes: Heads Up

At 1 P.M. today there were 3 large unleashed dogs tearing up the peninsula meadow. Also, a correspondent reports that around 3 P.M. at the dog beach, several unleashed dogs were in and out of the water. A small child was sitting in a stroller nearby. One of the dogs came over and snatched the child's food. Another decided to be friendly to our correspondent's friend and jumped up on her, leaving with a muddy trail on her white clothing. The dog's owner took off with the dog but with no apology.

That dog wasn't dangerous at all. But if the owner had done it--imagine a stranger who is wet and dirty hugging you--the act would technically be a misdemeanor battery. As we've suggested before, the law should be amended to make the owner likewise liable for a misdemeanor if his/her illegally unleashed dog does it instead.

* * *

Sunday's New York Post is supposedly going to run a story about illegally unleashed dogs in Prospect Park and naming what it says is this blog's "webmaster". Expects some interesting pictures; the reporter claimed to have pictures of scofflaws holding up their summonses. The reporter told us that some of these people admitted giving false names to the PEP officers. And also told us that PEP claims to have given 36 off-leash summonses in Prospect Park during the first 4 months of 2009. We'll talk about that more next week.

We don't know just the story will say, although give the Post's well-earned reputation a "comic book", as one acquaintance put it, our expectations for accuracy and fairness are limited.


finbee said...

Was glad to hear of this site. Dogs are a problems with the horses in the parks, too. (As are some runners and bikers -- NO respect given to the horse trails, none.)

Girevik said...

Unfortunately, you appear to be afraid to let someone with a differing opinion be posted here. So I will simply summise that you are a coward and are only interested in furthering your myopic agenda without entertaining a healthy debate. No wonder though, after seeing your comments your ignorance would certainly sabotage any attempt at debate. I will pray for your psychiatric recovery and wish you the best in your world of fear.

credo-ny said...

Dear Girevik:

We normally don't post abusive comments, but will make an exception here because you're new to the blog.

We welcome differing opinions. But sometimes instead of posting or rejecting comments, we instead address them in the text of either the post commented on or a subsequent post. In fact, in our May 11 post we addressed the substantive point in your comment, although we misspelled your name; our apologies.