Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Not Just "A Few"

From a correspondent:
Despite regularly reporting the offleash abuses in Prospect Park directly to the park's administrator, Tupper Thomas, unleashed dogs are still rampant prior to the 9pm official offleash time. On Monday I was in Prospect Park at around 7:30pm, here are my brief observations:

7:30PM: 14, Nethermead Meadow
7:33PM: 5, Dog Beach
7:33PM: 3, Baseball fields
7:33PM: 4, Long Meadow near Picnic House

All dog owners were caucasian.

Tupper Thomas and Commissioner Adrian Benepe are a disgrace. They make no attempt to reign in this escalating problem with dogs. In addition, weekly newspaper accounts have been pointing out the outrageous trash problems in Prospect Park created by BBQs that are spread out through the entire park. If you'd like to send a complaint to Prospect Park's administrator, here is her address:


Mary said...

I have tried to get data from any public park in any major city where dogs are allowed to run wild. I can't find any. If you tell people in other major cities that our public parks allow dogs to run everywhere, unleashed, they are incredulous. There is some piece missing here. How is it that the PP administration is willing to allow the park to be totaly degraded by off-leash dogs? And why does anyone, especially families with children, willingly sit on the grass in the meadow? Do they know what they are sitting in?

Datnioides said...

I refuse to sit in grass where huge numbers of off leash dogs s_it. As a dog owner, I know it is impossible to completely clean poo off grass, which is why I do not walk my dog in the Prospect Park meadows, leashed or not.

In decades past, I used to enjoy sitting in the grass in Prospect Park and reading books, etc. That experience was ruined for me one afternoon in 1997when a huge off leash labrador ran up to me, jumped on me, slobbered all over me and my book and scared me out of my wits. The jackass/owner was unapologetic and refused to leash the dog. Such was my initiation to the era of dog rights and entitled yuppie dog owners.

I prefer walking to sitting these days, and the only dog s_it free grass near my home is located in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It's the only nearby green space where one can stroll and relax without some toothy wild over-indulged pest running up to you while its owner plaintively whines, "HE'S FRIENDLY!!!"

surreal947 said...

Mary.. as much as you may think otherwise, your statement is not accurate.

Off leash policies have been and are being adopted all over the country, in Canada, Europe, Australia and small parts of Asia.

Many cities such as Seattle are creating huge (20,30,40,plus acres) of dog parks and beaches.