Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long Island City

Dog owners in Long Island City are complaining because the State is at long last enforcing rules banning dogs there. Assisting them in their bellyaching is chief pit bull Bob Marino. What's the matter with the local dog run? Holes in the fence make it "nonfunctional". How's that again? If, as Marino and his dogpacks insist, dogs can be safely unleashed in the middle of parks with lots of people around, how is a dog run with a hole in the fence any worse?


Christina said...

Furthermore, why aren't the local dog owners maintaining the dog run?

Anonymous said...


Dog owners are not responsible for repairing fencing, replacing the surfacing, or removing glass, etc.

Ballplayers in your park - Juniper - did not pay for the $1.4 million it took to build the fancy ballfields. And taxpayers -not users- are paying to move St. Savior's.

Dog owners expressed a reasonable desire to walk dogs on leash on sidewalks in Gantry State Park.

As NYCE Dog said, they want responsible dog owners to have the right they enjoyed for 10 years.

And to Credo: the NYCE Dog statement was not nasty, so why your harsh response?

winston said...

I am always on the look out for "no dogs allowed" places.

I place where I cal relax and not have to assume that ever vertical surface was just peed on, or that brown mark on the grass is a spot were a dog owner just "picked up after their dog".