Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dog Expert Answers Questions in New York Times

Read the first set of questions/comments. Lots--with apparent real names attached--show little patience with off-leash, and with dog owners in general. Oh, and so far as we know, none of the comments are from anyone associated with this blog. This comment is typical:
Why are dog owners so obnoxious and self absorbed?


They let their Darling dogs poop & pee in other people’s property such as gardens in front of buildings with nary a thought of the poor people who PAY & maintain the plantings. When you ask them to stop, they tell you that you should mind your own business.

I love dogs, but given how thoughtless (being kind) dog owners are, I’d love to ban them.

By the way, I’ve walked through Central Park and almost been bitten several times, I don’t care if it’s 8am, or 11pm the dog belongs on a leash for a reason.

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