Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Answer to Email, Continued:

From Winston Smith:
What will happen is that the problem will get documented.

I will email and

Philippe Pereira,
Josephine Pittari
Tupper Thomas

every time dogs are allowed in the wrong place.

Maybe, eventually somebody will tell the "dog people" that their dog prohibits others from using this public space.

They have huge areas of Prospect Park for "off leash". While the hours of "off leash" are limited, after the dogs leave that area is still off limits to any activity that includes touching the ground.

I assume that every vertical surface has been peed on and poop has been picked up with a plastic bag or a newspaper. Would you sit on your rug at home after a dog pooped on it and it was picked up with plastic bag?

I am willing share Prospect Park with the "dog people" but I just wish they would understand that their activity precludes many other people from using that area.

Even after they leave.

Even after they "clean up"
Welcome aboard. I don't want to discourage you, but we, and a predecessor blog, have been documenting this stuff, with photographs, for years. We've written repeatedly to Tupper about illegal dogs on the Nethermead, and her response is "I've been there and it's just a few." Go back over our previous posts. Tupper runs Prospect Park and has spent the last decade or more doing everything she can to subvert the leash law let their dogs loose whenever they want. Our information is that Pitari lets her dog loose too (legally, we presume), and all Pereira does is act sympathetic and take orders from Tupper.

To which Winston responds:
I am not gonna get discouraged. Here is my exchange with Josephine. She thinks FIDO is gonna help............

Thank you. But I know some of the members of FIDO. While they will support obeying the rules, they will never appreciate or admit that there is a problem.

Appropriated enforce is what I am hoping for.

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 10:59 AM, Pittari, Josephine
We have spoken to FIDO (the grassroots group for dog owners in this area) and they have sent notices to all their membership regarding these problems--FIDO totally supports obeying the established rules.

We've also contacted Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) and the NYPD park patrol for attention to this matter and appropriate enforcement measures.

Additionally, our SE/Permit department will address during routine patrols.

Josephine Pittari
Senior VP for Operations / Chief of Operations - Prospect Park
Office # 718-965-6140
FAX # 718-965-6135
Baloney. FIDO is one of the problems--it is an organization set up by the scofflaw-in-chief Tupper Thomas in part to attempt to control off-leash dog owners who are even worse. The fox is being asked to guard the chicken coop.

And based on prior experience, Winston probably will get a follow-up email or call from someone at PEP--not NYPD--saying that in the previous month they had issued 5 or 6 summonses. You got that right--5 or 6 summonses a month. See our previous posts on just this point.

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