Thursday, November 12, 2009

PEP Does Something; Trip Over an Unleashed Dog

In this video we see a PEP agent doing something yesterday in Prospect Park at 11:05 P.M.. That itself is unusual. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether the agent is handing the dog owner a summons or, more likely, a copy of the leash rules.

And here is a shot of yet two more dogs illegally loose on the Nethermead at 12:25 P.M., after dog hours. Of course there's no PEP agent around.

Today in the ravine, 3 off-leash around 9:10 A.M. One man, one middle-aged couple, and another man with a black dog. All owners were white.

* * *

In case you'd like to see who the enemies--of parks and of law-abiding park patrons--are, is a picture of the new Prospect Park senior management team.

* * *

Elderly man sues bar after tripping over unleashed pooch: Claims wrecked his knee & sex life.

Dog walks into a bar, lies on the floor and trips a customer.

It's no joke - it's a lawsuit.

Read all about it in--where else--the Daily News.

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