Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joe Namath's Dogs; More on Trying to Jog During Dog Hours

See this AP dispatch:
Back in the day, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath was known for his dangerous arm. Now settled into a comfortable retirement in Florida, it's his dog that's dangerous. Namath, 66, appeared before a hearing officer on Thursday in West Palm Beach to answer to charges that two of his dogs attacked people who came to his home in Tequesta, a quiet community about 90 miles north of Miami.

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More from our friend Winston Smith:
Yea, you are right....

I met my friends today and the situation was actually more dangerous. Between 8 and 9am there were many off leash dogs on the ball fields, the paths around the ball fields and in the grassy are between the ball fields and Prospect Park Southwest.

There was no enforcement in sight. These dog people look like normal law abiding citizens, who if told by a persons of authority that they need to leash their dog, would.

I am not asking for mass arrests, but it would be nice if I got some help. These off leash dogs are a hazard to those who are not expecting them.

Dogs were also allow to urinate on the clay that is being stored for the baseball fields.
You say, "These dog people look like normal law abiding citizens,who if told by a persons of authority that they need to leash their dog, would." Not exactly. They are regularly told by DOPR pesonnel who do not have law enforcement authority to leash their dogs. Sometimes they do; sometimes they don't. And just see our prior posts--or watch what happens when a police or PEP vehicle slowly circles the Nethermead, looking like it means business, around 5 P.M. Sure they leash their dogs. And they unleash them as soon as the authority figure departs.

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