Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Next: Rabid Dogs?

Winston left us a comment yesterday: "I just assume every off leash dog has rabies." Unfortunately, you have to. Of course it is not true. The law requires dogs to be vaccinated as a condition to their being unleashed, and it may be true--emphasis on the may be--that all of them are. But there is no way of knowing because THE CITY NEVER CHECKS. Worse, as a condition of the dogs being off-leash the law also requires them to be (1) licensed and (2) under the owners' control. As we've pointed out before, the vast majority are presumably unlicensed--because that's the rate of licensure in the city at large. And again the city never checks. When to that you add the facts that many, if not the majority, are under no discernible control and that many of these owners let their dogs loose whenever and wherever, we'd have to guess that there's got to be at least one scofflaw owner who reasons "why vaccinate my dog? He'd never go near a rabid animal."

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