Monday, December 7, 2009

Rabid Raccoon in Central Park; Musical Grave

The Times reports:
City health officials are warning visitors to Central Park to avoid contact with wild animals and to keep their dogs on a leash following the discovery of three rabid raccoons, two in the last week.
Read the whole thing. Raccoons tend to frequent the wooded areas where dogs are always supposed to be leashed, but they aren't and who knows where a rabid raccoon will wind up. With all the loose dogs in the park, few under any discernable control, a dog-rabid raccoon encounter is a matter of time.

* * *
From the Post:
Survivors of actor David Carradine honored the "Kung Fu" star with a loving, musical tribute at his grave. . . . .

"I'm looking for a place where the dogs don't bite and children don't cry and everything always goes just right and brothers don't fight," according to Carradine's song "Paint."

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An observer reported seeing cops giving two tickets last Friday morning in Prospect Park.


Winston Smith said...

I just assume every off leash dog has rabies.

Datnioides said...

This is why off leash hours in the parks, as currently practiced, are such a stupid idea. Any dog of any health or behavioural status can be taken to the park and let off leash, no questions asked. No one is verifying vaccinations or dog licenses which are supposedly a prerequisite for unleashing your beast in a public space. It is only a matter of time before a dog contracts rabies from a raccoon in the city.

Selfish dog owners may not care about other people trying to enjoy the park, but don’t they at least have some concern for the well being of their pets? Good luck on trying to get them to leash their dogs in the name of public safety. They flout the rules on a daily basis.

-I left this comment on the NY Times article web page.