Thursday, December 31, 2009

Retractable Leashes: Plum Beach

From Marjorie:
Do you have any information on the law regarding dogs on expandable/retractable leashes? I think these type of leashes are unsafe and pose a trip hazard. They also do not permit the owner to exercise reasonable control over the dog.

I think some time ago I read about a NYC woman who was walking her own dog and at the same time another neighborhood dog (on an expandable leash) was being walked. That dog ran to say "hello" and to be friendly to the woman's dog and the expandable leash wrapped around the woman's legs. She lost her balance and fell.

Do you know of any incidents like this? What is your position regarding expandable leashes? I think it is an issue that should be addressed.

The New York City public health law (it's in our sidebar) requires dogs in public to be on leashes no more than six feet long (except, of course when and where they are allowed to be unleashed in the parks). So if you expand the leash to more than six feet, you are breaking the law. Of course many dog owners do this all the time and since, to our knowledge, nobody tickets them, they'll keep on doing it. I personally have tripped over a leash, expanded to 20 feet or so, that I didn't see. Our position is that it ought to be illegal to use these leashes at all, even not expanded, in New York City, or for that matter to purchase them here. You might want to write to your councilperson, and if you do please send us a copy of the letter.

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Plum Beach late this morning, the owner left this dog on the beach while he went into the bushes.


Marjorie said...

Thank-you for publishing my comment. I am working to have this issue addressed, and working even harder to make sure that the law is enforced in the building in which I live. It is a safety concern.

Marjorie said...

Here's a link about the "Extendable leash lawsuit" incident: