Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year from Prospect Park;

New year, same old s**t. Between 12pm and 2pm I observed no fewer than 12 unleashed dogs around Prospect Park. One genius was riding around inside the park on a unicycle while his dog ran around in the woods, fields and anywhere else he went. At the Peninsula, I yelled at him to leash his dog, which, surprisingly, he did, although, I suspect that once I was out of sight he unleashed it again.

At around 1:30pm, I observed a woman with her unleashed dog on the Nethermead Meadow. A Parks Enforcement Patrol car drove passed me heading in the direction of the woman. When she saw the patrol car, she called her dog over and leashed it. The PEP officers drove right passed her without stopping, despite the fact that they had clearly seen that she had her pet unleashed moments earlier. This woman in the video was paying no attention to her unleashed dog as it defecated in a pile of leaves at the edge of the Nethermead Meadow. She was quite irate when she saw me videotaping and yelled a few choice comments.

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