Thursday, January 28, 2010

PP "Ticket Blitz"; Carroll Park; San Francisco; Rabid Raccoons in CP

According to the FIDO website,
In response to repeated complaints to the 311 system; City Parks Department has sent forth its enforcement arm to ticket anyone off-leash, beginning at 9:01 am! This is a city-wide crack down in all parks, not just Prospect Park. Dogs off-leash at improper hours and dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs are the priority of the day.

As the only park user group reluctant to leave the park, no matter that it's twenty degrees out, dog owners been accustomed to the "courtesy hoot" from enforcement vehicles, meaning leash up, everyone. Hope this still happens. Peninsula and probably the Nethermead are fair game as well so keep an eye on the time. Tickets have been issued.
As we've pointed out before, owners with illegally unleashed dogs deserve no "courtesy hoot". When they get one, instead of the ticket they should get, they simply unleash their dogs when the officer has left the scene. This item (apparently dating from Jan. 11) unleashed the usual anti-leash blather on the Brooklynian forum.

Meanwhile, probably a subset of the same people are flouting the law in Carroll Gardens. Hat-tip to Winston and Christina.

More here.

Here's a long article in last week's San Francisco Weekly about increased enforcement of the leash law, and the resulting conflict with the off-leash scofflaws, triggered by the mauling of an heiress by four off-leash dogs.

And here's an ABC News report about rabid raccoons in Central Park, particularly the north end which is a prime area for illegal off-leash activity. "Dog owners are also being advised to keep their animals leashed and away from possible contact with raccoons and other wild animals."

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