Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prospect Park This Past Saturday

We haven't posted much of anything recently. Here is the first of several catch up posts. From our correspondent:
The boldness of the dog owners in Prospect Park on Saturday was infuriating. At noon there were 10 unleashed dogs on the Long Meadow. I encountered off-leash dogs everywhere I went in the park between 12pm and 2pm. I have stopped going into the park before 9am because the dog problem was so bad, but now it doesn't seem to matter; people act as if they are immune to tickets. I stopped to talk to a PEP officer sitting in a car next to the rink. Her name was Maxine and I asked her why there were so many dogs off the leash and why nothing was being done. She told me that PEP is undermanned because they were hit with layoffs (as if they ever had enough officers). Also, she couldn't do anything that day because she was instructed to watch the lake to make sure nobody tried to walk on the ice. [We've heard that excuse before].

These videos were taken at noon on the Long Meadow.

These geniuses broke the fence protecting an area that had been recently reseeded and planted. They decided to make it into their private dog park.

This video was taken around 2:15 on the Peninsula.

This couple were running their dog at the Nethermead Meadow at 2:50pm. When they saw me with my camera, they leashed their dog. I'm sure they unleashed the dog as soon as I was out of sight.

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