Friday, April 9, 2010

Non-enforcement Dog Beach; Roosevelt Island; Prospect Miscellany

A correspondent reports that while walking on the path behind the Upper Pool on April 5 at 4:35 P.M. he saw a man whose dog was swimming at the dog beach. A young Afro-American policewoman in a police car, number 2558, came up behind the correspondent, driving around to the beach, and he asked her if she could say something to the dog owner. The officer said that it was the "Doggie Beach" and they are allowed there. The correspondent asked the officer if she knew that the regulations say they are not allowed off-leash except during dog hours. The officere replied that they let them anyway. The correspondent also observes that he's never seen a police officer in the woods, where we routinely see illegal off-leash activity.

* * *

It seems that dogs were once banned entirely from Roosevelt Island. They're allowed now, and predictably dog owners are abusing their privilege, not bothering to clean up after their dogs and allowing them to run loose. Hat-tip to Christina.

* * *

This morning at 9:17 A.M., 17 dogs were still loose on the Nethermead. Last Saturday morning during dog hours, at least 6 dogs were loose in the Peninsula woods, where dogs must be leashed at all time.

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