Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saturday 4/10/10 Prospect Park Report

On Saturday morning,Prospect Park was the worst I've ever experienced with regard to illegally unleashed dogs. My morning began at the south edge of Prospect Lake where I encountered my first unleashed dog of the morning.

From there I walked to the Peninsula woodlands where I was confronted with no fewer than 14 unleashed dogs between 7:40am and 8:05am. Some of the owners leashed their pets when the saw me with my camera (they unleashed them once they believed I was out of sight). Most scofflaws didn't care that I was shooting them.

After the Peninsula woods I walked along the Lullwater to the boathouse. Between 8:13am and 8:27am I passed 6 illegally unleashed dogs.

Next to the boathouse between 8:30am and 8:35am, there were 7 unleashed dogs. One dog owner became aggressive and irate when he saw my camera. I thought I might have to call 911, but he eventually backed off and continued on his way after a few choice expletives on his part.

I left the park for a while and came back after off-leash hours. But as I walked through the Midwood,I came across another 3 unleashed dogs. One couple and their dog were blazing new trails through the wooded hillside at the north end of the forest.

I encountered no PEP personnel in the park between 6:30am and 12:30pm.

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