Monday, October 4, 2010

Folly of Off-Leash; The Unlicensed; Silly Geese

So some Carroll Gardens guy took his two dogs, who had committed caninicide before,to a fenced dog run where, of course, they did it again. And what, other than that the Carroll Gardens dog run is closer than Prospect Park, was to have prevented him from taking them there?

* * *

According to this report on CBS last week, the DOH believes that 80% of the City's dogs are unlicensed. What the report doesn't point out is that only licensed dogs may lawfully be let loose in designated areas during off-leash hours. But is the City enforcing that? You gotta be kidding.

* * *

According to this report in the New York Observer, Prospect Park Alliance, under pressure following the great Canada goose massacre, has established a Wildlife Management Advisory Committee. But given its makeup, ranging from the feckless Audubon Society and Brooklyn Bird Club to the openly pro-dog-owner Brad Lander, and including the even more pro-dog-owner DOPR and PPA, other than perhaps assuring that unwanted species will now get a hearing before being culled, the committee is not likely to doing anything for Prospect Park's wildlife to the extent their interests conflict with that of dog owners.

The article says "On the flip side, fewer Canada geese may mean increased habitat for pied-billed grebe, a species that used to frequently nest in Prospect Park, but is now considered a threatened New York State species." Not likely given the presence of unleashed dogs in and around their potential nesting areas.

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