Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dead Dog in Carroll Gardens; Prospect Park Report

We missed it when it was posted, but according to this item in the awalkinthepark blog, in October a small dog was fatally mauled by two large dogs in a Carroll Gardens dog park.
[The small dog's owner]said Robert Harney is the owner of the killer dogs, named Jack and Ginger, and that the deadly attack took place because he let them run off their leash

* * *

Prospect Park this morning.

9 A.M. , Payne Hill woods, tall white male with long face, brown bomber jacket, multi-stripe ski cap, unleashed black lab, ignored DPR employee's instructions to leash dog.

9:10 A.M., Ambergill Falls, restricted area with "no dog" signs, white couple with unleashed boxer.

We are watching even though PEP and NYPD aren't.

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