Monday, December 27, 2010

More Inconsiderate Dog Owners

In a snowshoe walk around Prospect Park lake early this afternoon we encountered five dogs, three of them unleashed.

And my friend told me this story. He was in Prospect Park this past August when he saw an unleashed dog, a pit bull he thought, harassing a horse. This went on for a while, with the dog owner calling to the dog, and eventually the horse threw the rider, a young woman. EMS was called to tend to the woman, and the cops were called, but whether they did anything but cluck sympathetically is unclear.

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Winston Smith said...

The snow has brought out the worst in dog owners. I never go to Prospect Park during wild dog time. I don't want a dog jumping on me or my kids so I just stay out of the park and away from the Nethermead at all times.

But the past 2 days was incredible. At 2 PM, when my REAL child was making a snow angel I had to ask a dog owner to keep her dog from walking on my kids face. She said "don't worry, he is friendly." What makes you think I want you dog walking on my child. Why do I have to be the bad guy by asking a dog owner to control their pet when it is the law.

There is absolutely no enforcement of the leash LAW in Prospect Park. Dog owners all know that.