Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Follow-Up to the Case of the Drowned Poodle

The owner admits she was breaking the rules by letting her dog loose in the lake, but has suggestions for improving the park's rescue of animals in distress.


Winston Smith said...

That article is an incredible read.

"This isn’t the first drowning in Prospect Park lake. A man drowned after falling through the ice in 2004, according to NY1." This was a DOG.

And she really thinks that Firefighters and EMT people have to risk their lives to rescue her dog, or that they should be diverted from their duties because of her reckless, selfish behavior.

I if were to ignore signs that say do not enter and injure myself while committing a crime I would be arrested, not pitied.

This whole thing is pathetic.

Datnioides said...

The nutter who let the dog off leash illegally and caused its death is allegedly a dog trainer by avocation (see commnets section following Gothamist article).

The mind boggles at the stupidity. Does FIDO still think she was being a "responsible owner" now that the truth is out?