Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Canine Prospect Park Resident; Beagle Trees Possum

From Datnioides:
According to this report on the Brooklynian forum, there is a pony-sized Cane Corso mastiff dog living the feral life in Prospect Park. Of course, there are rabies infected raccoons running around the same area of Prospect Park. What could possibly go wrong?

No one seems to think this is a particularly serious problem, especially given the fact that the dog in question is an aggressive breed capable of inflicting serious harm. I suppose this could be considered the ultimate goal of off-leash dog-worshiping fanaticism..allowing "your" dog to just live at large in Prospect Park 24-7, and you just come into the park and hang out with him every once in awhile.

* * *

We heard of a report of a possum treed by a beagle yesterday in Prospect Park. Yes there are occasionally possums in the park, and over the years, people have reported seeing them dead, with injuries apparently caused by dogs.

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