Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prospect Park Yesterday; More ABOUT sf

At 1pm there were two offleash dogs running up and down the hillsides in the Lullwater. I told two rangers about it and they drove to the opposite end of the Lullwater trail to intercept the scofflaws. Not sure if they ticketed the dog owner.

At 1:30pm there were 4 offleash dogs on the Nethermead Meadow.

This woman, seen near the Ravine at 2pm, is typical of the Park Slope dog owner. I've seen her several times in the park and she never leashes her dog, no matter what the time or location. I pointed out the sign that showed dogs needing to be leashed in that area at all times, plus it was 5 hours past the offleash hours. She just smiled, waved at the camera and ignored me. Apparently, the rules don't apply to her.

Also, it appears that since there are no longer any Parks Enforcement Patrols in the park after dark that 5pm has become the new offleash hour start time. Everyday by 5pm, there are unleashed dogs all over the park, especially the Long Meadow and the Nethermead Meadow.

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And here is a video of an illegally unleashed dog mauling what appears to be a Western grebe, on a federal beach near San Francisco. Don't think the same thing goes on at Plum Beach? Maybe nobody's photographed it yet.

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Winston Smith said...

It is clear to me that there will be no enforcement unless something bad happens.

I am afraid a wild dog will maul a child,or run on to the road and cause a car accident. The victim will have to sue the owner of the pet and the city. Then there will be enforcement.

Till then is it just gonna be a free for all.

SOME pet owners are bullies, they do what every they want because they think they are entitled to.