Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rat Mauling in Washington Square; Dog Befouls Playground

From the Gothamist, a disturbing video of a dog killing a rat in Washington Square Park--one of the dog's 10-15 victims. This happened at night, so if the dog had an owner, the dog was off-leash illegally. Hat-tip to Christina.

And from the Daisy Parker blog, a photograph of a dog squatting in a playground, post like this is some sort of joke. Hat-tip to Winston.


Datnioides said...

I say make ratcatching in the parks a legal and reimbursable activity. The city should pay a set bounty for every rat tail surrendered. The ratcatchers could operate at night so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of the weepy eyed animal huggers. Ferrets could be employed to dig the rats that the rat terriers can't reach in their holes. Ratcatchers could be outsourced to rat plagued subways and buildings. Rat problems quickly solved and some of us provided with a sporting outlet. The crazy jack russell terrier woman of Prospect Park could finally get a job.

Winston Smith said...

I just think this is funny

Winston Smith said...

actually not so funny. The sad assumption that off leash is ok