Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Incident in Battery Park City

We've reported before that the Battery Park City Authority is serious about enforcing its leash regulations and has employed PEP agents--legions of them-- to do so. So now we have this fascinating report which involved (1) lots of PEP agents and (2) someone's evident refusal to comply with the leash laws. As to whose, note the phrase in this article: "He has also reportedly argued with PEP officers about the neighborhood's leash laws for his pet dogs." As to just whose side he was on, see this report that "One witness did mention that Mr. Pratt has 'taken a stand before' against the park security staff when they have tried to enforce dog leash regulations as he walked his dog."

One cannot imagine this incident happening in Prospect Park. For one thing, the phrase "many PEP agents" and "Prospect Park" would never appear in the same sentence.

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