Sunday, May 8, 2011

Green-Wood Dog

Our masthead features one of the few dogs legally in Green-Wood Cemetery. The cemetery has a strict "no pets" policy, enforced by ordinarily vigilant guards. This one got by today; the owner must have hid it when she drove in. And it takes a special kind of scofflaw, even for a dog owner, to let your dog loose in a cemetery, as this inconsiderate moron did. This video will win no prizes for photography, but if you watch to the end you will see the owner, who assured your correspondent that the rather unfriendly little dog won't bite.

It is not clear whether Green-Wood security ever caught her.

1 comment:

Winston Smith said...

Yea, and I am sure that dog will not pee on a headstone or poop on a grave. And of course the owner will pick it up.