Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More on San Francisco; NYC PEP Hearings

"Canine conflict: Proposal to restrict off-leash dogs on federal parklands has owners howling and environmentalists cheering" Read the whole thing, a long article in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, here.

* * *
Last week the New York City Council Committee on Parks and Recreation held hearings on the Parks Enforcement Patrol program, particular the distribution of PEP officers among the boroughs. See this report in the A Walk in the Park blog. The blog has a complete list, but to get a general idea compare the following:

Battery Park City - (For 35 acres)
35 PEP
6 - Sgt.
1 - Capt.
Plus desk CSA's
(City/State park privately funded through Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTS) from residential charges)

Hudson River Park - (For 150 Acres)
26 PEP
4 - Sgt.
1 - Captain

Brooklyn - (For 4,336,00 acres)
7 - PEP
3 - Sgt.
1 - Captain

Yes, you read that right: all of Brooklyn, and that's not just Prospect Park, has a total of 11 enforcement agents, four of whom are chiefs. Not that any of them do anything, but it should come as no surprise that the leash law is enforced in Hudson River Park and Battery Park City.

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