Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cute Doggies

Washington [State] Dog Pack Kills 100 Animals, Terrorizes Town

A "bloodthirsty" pack of dogs has killed about 100 animals in the past few months while eluding law enforcement and volunteers in northeastern Washington state, residents and authorities said.

. . .Most recently, the dogs killed a 350-pound llama Tuesday night. They've also killed goats and other farm animals.

So far, no humans have been attacked. But authorities are warning residents to take whatever steps are necessary to protect their families and animals because the dogs appear to be killing for fun rather than food.

"We have this pack that is out there killing for the sake of killing," [Stevens County Undersheriff Lavonne]Webb said in a telephone interview from Colville. "What is going to happen if they come across a small child?"
And get this:
It's not clear if the dogs are wild or if some or all go home to owners during the day,

Also, see this report on Yahoo News, where Sheriff Webb is reported to have told the AP that " it's possible some of the four or five dogs in the pack aren't wild and go home to their owners during the day."

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