Thursday, July 7, 2011

Battle of the Dog Run; Post from the West Coast

It's dog on dog at the Hudson River Park dog run:
Owners of pint-sized pups are howling mad because huge mongrels are chewing up their beloved pets at the Hudson River Park dog run.

And now neighborhood canine lovers are hounding local officials to create a second facility for smaller dogs.

"Imagine going up against Muhammad Ali. They cannot defend themselves!" growled Lynn Pacifico of Greenwich Street, who in 1999 founded the Dog Owners Action Committee. "Small dogs are being injured and killed by larger dogs."

Read it all here. Bot maybe two dog runs aren't enough. Maybe there ought to be a third one, for medium-size dogs. And how about the dogs that aren't quite medium-size but are bigger than small, or are bigger than medium but not quite large?

And we thought that that the idea behind off-leash is that dogs needed to socialize.

Hat-tip to Christina.

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From a discussion forum trying to get dogs leashed in San Francisco:
I'm beginning to wonder if it matters at all how much evidence we submit
about this problem. As long as the doggers are so well organized that
they have all the supes lining up to kiss their butts, truth, evidence,
and even compassion and decency are irrelevant. This is about politics,
after all, and whom you get on your side, something SFDOG sussed out
long ago. I think our purpose would be better served if instead of
letting the doggers define the issue, the disabled, the seniors, the
people who fear or dislike dogs, those who see how dangerous dogs are to
wildlife and every other life, create their own narrative in which dogs
are simply not a part. Launching our own narrative, in which troublesome
dogs are only a footnote, takes us out of the defensive stance and puts
us in a position of positivity. Currently, the doggers are the ones who
look positive; they portray themselves as animal lovers instead of the
animal and people haters they are. We, on the other hand, look like a
marginal bunch of whiners who exist only to spoil sweet woofy woofy's
playtime, spouting our facts that the doggers merely shout down with
lies. And from what I can see, some of these people really are
dysfunctional and deluded; they live in an alternate universe at which
their dog is the center and anyone who tries to limit the dog's
interests is like an infidel to a religious fanatic, or like promoting
evolution to a creationist. I truly believe they are that nuts.

Well said.

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Datnioides said...

Woofy woofy's play time. Great screed. Love it!