Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Parks Nonenforcement Agents; Ft. Tilden

Last Friday around 2:30 P.M. there were two PEP cars parked on Wellhouse Drive close to West Drive, their drivers engaged in deep conservation. I walked past them and saw at least two unleashed dogs running around the peninsula, so I returned to the two PEP cars and asked one of the agents, a white woman in the car with plate no. 22365, whether dogs were allowed to be unleashed then. She said, "no", so I told her what I had seen. I then turned back again, continuing up Wellhouse to where I could watch. In a couple of minutes, the PEP car drove slowly up to the edge of the lake and stopped. The PEP agent did not get out. I waited around for five minutes and left.

* * *

Last Sunday around 10:30 at least four unleashed dogs were running around the beach at Ft. Tilden, including these two, one of which (as you can see) was not at that moment running around.

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