Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dogs on Prospect Park's Ballfields

Of course they're never allowed there, leashed or unleashed. Try telling that to the dog owners or the people who supposedly enforce the leash law. Received from our correspondent yesterday (Tueday):
The first four videos were all shot within less than 5 minutes of each other. Despite the 8 signs surrounding the baseball fields at Prospect Park stating that dogs (leashed or unleashed) are forbidden from the field, I counted 10 dogs on the fields yesterday. I'm sure if I stayed for more than just a few minutes I would have witnessed more. The 5th and final video was shot on the Nethermead Meadow at 4:50pm yesterday. I've complained to both the Parks Enforcement Patrol's Brooklyn commander (in person!) and the park administrator about how dogowners use the Nethermead as a dog park at any time of day. As you can see by the video my complaints have fallen on deaf ears. FYI - there were 10 offleash dogs when I walked by the Nethermead, by 5:30pm that number goes up considerably.

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Winston Smith said...

Why should a dog owner follow the rules? There is no enforcement.