Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dog Owners on the Sidewalk

A letter in today's San Francisco Examiner:
If you walk down the sidewalk swinging a 6-foot (or longer) chain over your head, the San Francisco police will arrive to put a stop to that threateningly anti-social behavior.

But if instead of swinging a chain, you clip a dog to one end of the chain and clear a 6-foot swath of sidewalk out of your way, the behavior is not generally thought to be anti-social. Indeed, anyone who dares to suggest that dog owners rein in their pet is sneeringly dismissed as “anti-dog.”

In fairness, some dog owners aren’t acting maliciously, they are merely socially oblivious. But there are also some dog owners who give every indication of quite consciously using their canines to deny others their fair use of the sidewalk.

The question is, why do we continue to tolerate this thinly veiled form of anti-social aggression?

Of course it gets much worse where instead of the legal 6-foot leash the owner is holding an umpteen-foot flexi-leash.

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