Friday, May 11, 2012

Unleashed Dog Kills Central Park Duck

From yesterday's Times:

Duck Is Mauled in Central Park, Apparently by a Loose Dog

In the sculptured wilderness that is Central Park, nature’s rawer edge is not often apparent. But on Wednesday, a park ranger discovered a female mallard that had been mauled by an animal, apparently a dog. A local animal hospital euthanized the duck, which had lost most of its tongue and half its bill.
The park ranger discovered the duck in the pond near 59th Street, at the southern edge of the park, and took it to Animal General, a veterinary hospital on the Upper West Side. The duck also had bite marks on the back of its neck. “There was no treating it,” said Karen Heidgerd, the hospital administrator, who determined that the wounds were consistent with a dog bite. “There was nothing else it could have been, based on the injuries.”
  Read the rest here, including the quote by the hypocritical Bob Marino. And why doesn't the Times ask for a quote from someone who opposes the unleashing of dogs in the parks?

Hat-tip to Christina.

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