Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Central Park Bicyclist Bitten By Off-Leash Dog

And, believe it or not, the cops arrested the dog owner:
A bicyclist was forced to use his ride as a weapon after two dogs viciously attacked him during his daily trip in Central Park.
Enzo Ricciardi, 54, was cruising near Central Park West and 86th St. at about 8:30 a.m. Friday when the two dogs, who were off their leashes, sank their teeth into his legs and feet.
“I had to fight these two dogs with my bicycle,” said Ricciardi, who said he does five laps in the park every day. “They were aggressive.”
The dogs’ owner, Melinda Pillon, eventually came over to help pull the animals away from the injured man.
“She said, ‘My dogs don’t bite,’ ” Ricciardi recalled. “I said, ‘Look at my legs. They don’t bite?’ ”
Cops arrived and cuffed Pillon at the scene, charging her with failure to have proper licenses and vaccination records and for allowing the dogs to off their leashes.
Read the rest here.  Hat-tip to Christina.

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