Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Private Dog Run in Central Park

Central Park, December 20, 2012 at around 2:40 P.M.


Winston Smith said...

Dogs run wild much more in Central Park than Prospect Park. There never seams to be a time or place that is not OK to let a dog run wild.

That park is totally out of control. Prospect Park at least has rules that some pet owners respect.

credo-ny said...

Winston, please tell me what you are smoking. If Central Park were worse than Prospect Park--condition contrary to fact--it would be because nearly the all of Central Park is a "designated area", so the dog owners don't feel as constrained by that particular rule as they would in Prospect Park. But there is something offsetting--in Central Park but not Prospect Park, the PEP sometimes makes some effort to enforce the leash laws. And in practice, in dog owners in Prospect Park treat the whole park as a dog run. To the extent the problem in Prospect is less during the middle of the day, it is because a larger percentage of the dog owners who use it commute and so aren't around during the middle of the day. Even thinking that the the dog owners who let their dogs offleash in Prospect Park are somehow more respectful of the law than those who do so in Central Park is silly.

Winston Smith said...

I might be high but,I have observed it the other way around.