Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Unleashed in Cenral Park; San Francisco

Here are just three of the several (illegally) unleashed dogs we encountered this morning, beginning at 10 A.M., in Central Park.  Winston, I'd say you have a point, but from what I hear Prospect Park is even worse at those hours.

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Here is the latest in the saga of Charlie, the  pitbull who (or that) attacked and injured a police horse in an off-leash area in San Francisco.  Over the vociferous objection of "dog lovers", Charlie has been condemned to death, and the City attorney has now rejected Charlie's owner's feeble attempt at a compromise.

Here, here, here , and here are prior articles.  Notice how many people signed the petition to save this dog.

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Winston Smith said...

I think maybe it is a density issue. Central Park is so much more crowded than Prospect Park.

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