Friday, March 29, 2013

Prospect Park; Delury Square Park; Pit Bull Attacks Baby Seal

On Tuesday afternoon around 3 P.M. I was about to head up the stairs from behind the music pavilion.  In front of me heading up the stairs were four young black women.  Heading down the stairs was a young white guy with two small, friendly, unleashed dogs.  One of them tried to climb the legs of one of the women, who was pretty clearly terrified.  The owner did nothing.  The other dog headed to me.  Having no desire for dirty pants I yelled at the dog, who backed off.  The dogs remained unleashed.  There were two other unleashed dogs on the Peninsula Meadow

On Wedneday afternoon around the same time there were three unleashed dogs on the Nethermead, one on Breeze Hill, and two others on the Peninsula Meadow

I encountered several other unleashed dogs, and perhaps a total of three leashed dogs.

Some downtown Manhattan residents are so disgusted that they would like dogs banned entirely from their local park.  Fat chance.  Hat-tip to Christina.

And here  is a video of a (leashed) pit bull attacking a baby sea lion.  The dog owner?  Mark Kelly, husband of Gabrielle Giffords

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