Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Dog Walk in the Woods

In Alley Pond Park today from about 9:20 A.M. to noon, we observed five unleashed dogs, 2 around the parking lot and 3 running through the woods. All of the owners were white.

Meanwhile, a correspondent reports 6 unleashed dogs in Prospect Park this morning:

1) A brown weinauer in south Midwood accompanied by a redhead female;

2) A reddish-brown pit bull running through Rick’s Place; the owner was a male in his mid-20s with curly dark hair;

3) An unidentified dog in the Midwood accompanied by a 30-ish male;

4) A small mongrel in the Midwood along the horse trail, accompanied by a 40-ish female;

5) A rottweiler on a side path near Rick’s Place accompanied by a black middle-aged male; and

6) On the Lookout Hill stairway, a black Labrador with a young white teenager. Our correspondent observed a park employee handing this girl (whom we have encountered before) a copy of the DOPR's off-leash dog rules, which state that dogs must be leashed in the woods at all times. The girl attempted to hand the rules back and, when the park employee refused to take them, threw them on the ground.

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