Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Movie Time!

One correspondent reports seeing the following on the south side of Prospect Park lake around 2 P.M. yesterday:

* * *
From our second correspondent, also reporting on Sunday.

This couple, on Lookout Hill, seem to think if they let their dog go in the woods they don't have to clean up the mess.

This woman, on the Peninsula, was too busy texting to pay attention to her dog. She would occasionally blindly toss the ball into the field and then ignore her dog. It was well after off-leash hours. Note also that there were two men driving golf balls across the meadow. Both activities are prohibited.

I next encountered this group of dog owners with their pets unleashed on the Long Meadow. Actually, one of the six dogs was leashed. During the course of the day, I counted 17 unleashed dogs in Prospect Park at Lookout Hill, the Lullwater, Peninsula, Midwood, Nethermead Meadow and Long Meadow. I saw Park Enforcement Patrols once over a period of four hours, which is more frequent than a typical day in the park.I saw no effort to give anyone a summons.

* * *
From our third correspondent, reporting on Saturday:
I just happened to be near the Long Meadow in Prospect Park at 9:05am today. There was a Par Enforcement Officer in his SUV using his public address system to inform the hundred or so off leach dog owners that is was time to leash. Most just herded their pets to the paths where they leashed them.

It is a start

Most, but not all. And pardon our skepticism: it's one day, and we have had persistent reports, every time our correspondent is on the scene, of owners taking their sweet time leashing up. Even more important, have you ever seen a traffic enforcement agent, about to ticket cars at expired meters, first taking out a bullhorn and asking owners to move their cars? Why is this any different?

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