Friday, March 13, 2009

More About Yesterday in Prospect; Dog Run

It seems that yesterday afternoon there was a group of kids in the northeast corner of the Nethermead attempting to play soccer. The dogs had taken over nearly the entire meadow, but the owners were mostly standing around on the small rise nearest to Center Drive. Some of the dogs kept running over to where the kids were trying to play soccer and disrupting their game. The owners did nothing to stop the dogs. When they saw our correspondent's camera, some of them leashed their dogs and began to leave, but most just acted like they owned the meadow.Here is the video.

Earlier, our correspondent was at Nelly's Lawn where some guy had an unleashed pitbull. Nelly's Lawn has become a de facto offleash area at any time of day eventhough it isn't even one of the "approved" areas. Below is a video.

Here is good article inRunner's World on runners and unleashed dogs.

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