Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's Prospect Park Report with Videos

I was in Prospect Park today, Wednesday, from 11:30am until around 4:00pm. I saw a single Parks Enforcement Patrol officer standing at the crosswalk in front of the 3rd Street Playground, but that was it for the rest of the time that I was in the park. However, I began encountering unleashed dogs nearly the minute I crossed into the Long Meadow:

11:45am, Sullivan Hill - Dog owner playing catch with single dog
11:46am, Payne Hill - 2 dogs (leashed to each other) ran around the hillside while owners sat in grass ignoring them
11:50am, "Sparrow Bowl" - 1 dog ran around on grass while owner stood at top of hill
12:00pm, Dog Beach - 2 owners with dogs, 1 leashed, 1 unleashed. I told owner of unleashed dog that dogs are supposed to be leashed until 9pm, then pointed to two signs a few yards away. She leashed her dog and apologized to her dog for having to leash it.
2:10pm, Peninsula Meadow - Russian woman with 175 lb. dog. I've been seeing her a lot and her dog is never leashed.
3:10pm, South side of lake near Duck Island - woman with 6 unleashed dogs. Video is self-explanatory.
3:25pm, Nethermead Meadow - One person playing frisbee with unleashed dog.
3:38pm, Baseball fields - A couple is tossing a stick for their unleashed dog. When they saw me with my camera, they leashed their dog and tried to hide their faces as they walked passed me.
3:45pm, Sparrow Bowl - Two dog owners and two unleashed dogs. I approached them with camera in hand and they asked if I minded their dogs "romping around". I said "Yes, especially since it wasn't 9pm."
4:05pm, Long Meadow - A couple with two dogs, one leashed and one unleashed. They tossed a stick for their dog until they noticed me with my camera.

Every other time I go into Prospect Park, there are unleashed dogs everywhere and at any time of day. How is it that the P.E.P. officers aren't giving out summonses?

* * *

And now for the video footage.

This first video was taken in the Ravine on Sunday at 1:30pm. The couple with their 3 unleashed dogs actually seemed amused that I was shooting a video of them.

The next four are from today. This one's on the Peninsula:

Here's one on the ballfields:

And on Long Meadow:

Saved the best for last. The audio is priceless for many reasons (not the least of which is that she can't add.

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