Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dog Attack in Riverside Park

Parkrunner left the following comment, but we are putting it in a post separately as well:
My partner was attacked by a large white dog on the lower level of Riverside Park at 81st Street, just entering the tunnel to go up, at about 11:45 this morning (Tuesday). The woman walking 2 large white dogs had them on leashes but could not control them well. She refused to give her name, and my partner did not have his cell phone. He looked for a parks employee but by the time he found one, she had gotten away, struggling with her large aggressive dogs. He is at the doctor now, with large gashes under his left armpit. If he had been shorter or not have jumped back and raised his arms to protect his neck, things might have been a lot worse!

This woman undoubtedly comes to the park regularly, and if you or your partner start doing so regularly you can photograph her or call the cops then. Once you have her name, call a lawyer.

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